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Boozy Truffles

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Let the kids have the supermarket candy, while you hide the good stuff out of reach. We've developed six new alcoholic flavored truffles, inspired by what we like to drink when given the chance. Each collection contains;

1) 'Tequila Sunrise, a pomegranate jelly over a dark/milk chocolate ganache with orange juice and tequila.

2) 'Tonka Bean-Rum' a dark chocolate ganache, spiced with freshly grated tonka beans and dark spiced rum.

3) 'Pear-Amaretto' with a house made pear jelly over a dark chocolate amaretto ganache.

4) 'Caipirinha' based on the Brazilian cocktail, a house made lime curd sits over a dark chocolate sugarcane rum ganache.

5) 'Affogato' with a drop of a reduced espresso syrup over a white chocolate mascarpone ganache, spiked with whiskey, and finally.

6) 'Mulled Wine', with a dark / milk chocolate blended ganache spiced with orange juice, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, clover honey and merlot.