Guglielmo's Pasta Sauces

My favorite part about Sunday Sauce is the smell at the very beginning. You know when you have fresh sauce going on the stove, and the smell of tomatoes, basil and parsley travels throughout the entire house? When I’m sautéing the fresh onions, garlic, and peppers in hot olive oil, everyone in the house knows my sauce is on.  That is my favorite part, until we all “buon appetite” of course.

When I was in my early twenty’s, I decided to ask my Grandpa if he would show me how to make the sauce. I didn’t quite realize how rich of a family tradition I had just tapped into. Grandpa was so happy I had asked. No one had ever asked him before. He always thought the recipe would die with him.

Grandpa Pete took me under his wing and my first lesson was in the tomato fields. The rest is history. - Paul Guglielmo