Weber's Mustard


Heintz & Weber Co., Inc. was founded in 1922 at the Broadway Market by Joseph C. Weber and John Heintz. Heintz, no relation to the HJ Heinz Company of Pittsburgh, was bought out in 1926 by Weber, and the company has remained family owned and operated ever since.

Much of the company’s appeal lies in the products’ tradition, classic yellow color and timeless gourmet flavor. Weber’s Brand Horseradish Mustard has been a secret family recipe since its inception, and until 1980, every jar was individually packed and hand labeled. Currently Heintz & Weber Co. ships more than 2,000 cases yearly across America and beyond to former Buffalonians who can’t live without their Weber’s. In recent years, our “cult following” of “classic yellow” specialty mustard lovers have been turning the tradition over to their new friends and neighbors. Now 95 years later, Weber’s Mustard remains the #1 selling mustard in Western New York.