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Avenue 29 Kentucky Heat

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On a quest to create a spice with heat that the whole family can tolerate; Kentucky Heat rings the bell.

Packed with flavor and heat combined; enjoy the classic flavors of Garlic, Onion, Salt and Pepper, mixed with a perfectly balanced heat from Chili Powder, Jalapeño, Habanero, and Cayenne, a hint of Chili Lime, and a perfectly smokey finish from Spicy Cajun and Smoked Paprika.

Add as much or as little as you want, amount will dictate the heat level. Turn it up or down as you see fit!

Suggested Uses:

  • Add to your favorite grilling spice collection

  • Use as a dry rub or marinade with olive oil and vinegar on meats + veggies

  • Add a touch of Kentucky Heat to traditional taco fillings

  • Kick the heat up on traditional soups + chili’s

  • Use as a dust over house-made fries and potatoes

Suggested Pairing:

For even more added heat, pair with our award winning Chipotle Aioli + Lethal Heat Hot Sauce.