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Veggie Veg Green Bar

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1.7oz bar

The chlorophyll-rich GREEN bar is carefully crafted to provide abundant clean energy. This nutrient-dense bar features wheatgrass, providing multiple health benefits. The unique combination of wheatgrass with prunes & cardamom, an herb widely employed in the Ayurvedic system of medicine, aims to promote overall human health by providing fiber, vitamins, & minerals. Check it out; you’ll get hooked on its sparkling energy.

  • Vitamin A (30%): Required for vision functioning; maintains the integrity of mucus membrane & skin
  • Vitamin E (30%): Aids in neutralizing free radicals
  • Magnesium (20%): Essential for normal bone structure; helps in body’s cellular reactions
  • Zinc (10%): Essential trace element; helps regulate immune response
  • Super green ingredients


Sunflower Seeds, Prunes, Wheatgrass*, Dates, Maple Syrup*, Almonds, Pea Protein*, Coconut Oil*, Spices. (*Organic)