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Veggie Veg Brown Bar

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1.7oz bar

Enjoy the goodness of this well-balanced, fiber-rich cocoa delight, which is created with all plant-based phytonutrient-rich ingredients. Carefully chosen ingredients introduce good polyphenols into our diet while simultaneously enriching our fiber intake with the help of a root vegetable: the artichoke. Our plant-based BROWN bar harnesses the power of plants & seeds & contains what our bodies crave—essential amino acids & various micronutrients & macronutrients.

  • Magnesium (20%): Essential for normal bone structure; helps in body’s cellular reactions
  • Vitamin E (30%): Aids in neutralizing free radicals
  • Happy gut ingredients
  • Polyphenol rich
  • High fiber


Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Dates, Jerusalem Artichoke*, Maple Syrup*, Pea Protein*, Cacao*, Coconut Oil*. (*Organic)