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Smita's spices are an easy-to-use, all purpose, and delicious way to bring Indian flavor to your kitchen. Using a delicately balanced recipe of diverse spices, many of which are often left out of American pallets, Smita's unique blends bring a world of flavor to your dish, and are highly concentrated and made in small batches. 

The Veggie Spice is combination 11 spices. It has dry mango, garlic, black pepper, dry fenugreek, ginger to name a few. These spices when combined altogether creates a delicious flavor that is good as a one stop solution for grilling or roasting or seasoning veggies. It’s universal blend that can be used for seafood, shrimp, scallops, mushrooms, lentils, greens, salad dressing, pickling and endless possibilities. 

Ingredients: Coriander, cumin, urad lentils, dry mango, black pepper, dry red chili, dry ginger, garlic powder, fennel seeds, stone flower, dry fenugreek 

Salt and heat free! 

Sold in 1/2 ounce, highly concentrated pouches.