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Every wonder how to make that Greek chicken from your favorite local Pita place? Search no more! Take your tastebuds on a cruise of Greek inspired flavor, perfectly balanced to entertain every dish you make.

Simple yet balanced ingredients such as Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Salt, Oregano and a dash of Cayenne bring every aromatic flavor out while grilling or marinating.

Suggested Uses:

  • Mix with olive oil and red wine vinegar to make the perfect Greek Chicken marinade

  • Do the same for steaks or faux meats, then throw on the grill

  • Dust some on cold pasta salads or red sauces

Hint: Not recommended to add anymore salt, we’ve already got you covered!

Suggested Pairing:

To take your pasta salads up a notch from generic bottled Italian dressing, all you need is our signature Lemon Pomegranate dressing to blend with your Mediterranean Island spice and you have the best summer pasta dish on the block!