Avenue 29 Evolved Foods

Have you ever heard of a vegan burger beating out a bunch of meat heads at a Burger Fest? Well Avenue 29 may have been the first ones to do it. They won the Hamburg BurgerFest in 2016. And they haven't stopped creating since. 

It all started with their Quinoa Bowls in 2015. Not many people could even say "keen-wa" properly back then. But Avenue 29 is on a mission to change the status quo about meatless foods lacking flavor. So they infuse every single bite of their creations with top-quality ingredients including imported Italian olive oils, Mexican avocados, and their signature house-made sauces & dressings. They source locally made breads, and hand-craft their fresh squeezed juices year round. Gourmet food and drink at it's finest. 

All sauces sold in 8oz bottles