Sugarcane WNY

Popular in Asia, Sugarcane Juice offers numerous health benefits which are unknown to many. Sugarcane Juice is not only sweet in nature, it's also inherently low in cholesterol and high in minerals. Sugarcane is one of nature's gifts and has many other beneficial qualities.

Pure, unprocessed, and healthy sugar prepared right here in WNY. Explore the health benefits of this sweet alternative and bring life and nutrition to your cooking, baking, and coffee. 

Natural sugar is dehydrated sugarcane juice that still has vitamins and minerals in it, unless processed, white suga

Since natural sugar only uses heat treated dehydration process from sugarcane juice, it does not contain any chemicals that take place during the refining process. 

Natural sugar contains high amount of Potassium. In 1 cup on natural sugar has over 1000mg of Potassium, equivalent to two bananas combined. 

Natural sugar also contains high amount of Magnesium, which is the most important mineral in helping our body absorb calcium. 

With high calcium in natural sugar, it can help our body develop strong bones and teeth.