Pickle Annie's

Pickle Annie’s was founded on a tradition of producing uniquely flavored homemade FRESH pickles, relishes and salsa’s. Some of her family recipes are over 100 years old and use only all-natural ingredients. They contain no salt or preservatives.

Pickle Annie lovingly creates, produces and hand packs her specialty pickle products in the kitchen of her picturesque 200 year old family farm, located in East Aurora, New York. Each mouth-watering flavor is carefully crafted to enhance Annie’s hand-picked, farm-fresh cucumbers.

Pickle Annie began making pickles 40 years ago, and has recently started selling her pickles at local farmers markets. Her homemade specialties quickly became popular with a diverse group of pickle-loving customers. Now, Pickle Annie’s products can be found in local markets, deli’s, specialty food stores, as well as on-line.

Pickle Annie’s brings a fresh, gourmet twist to the art of pickles. These delicious offerings will surely be a hit with your family and guests, enhancing favorite dishes and spicing up your table.