Bee's Gold Raw Honey

"Our family has always been passionate about quality of life and nature. When we acquired some land around Ellicottville NY, an area with very little farming but lots of wild flowers, keeping bees was a natural step.
As we learned how valuable these little creatures are for our own existence on this planet, with their pollination most of the crops we depend on for food, and also how much trouble they are in because of multiple threats, we made it our mission to try help them survive and thrive as much as we can, hoping they will eventually overcome all the challenges they face.
Now that we have a few hives and some extra honey (honeybees are hoarders and save much more than they need), we want to share their bounty of delicious and all natural honey with others…
That’s how we started Bees’ Gold honey, pure honey made by the beautiful bees we raise in the backyard of our cottage, delicious and all natural, just strained, never heated, preserving the flavor and healthful qualities of the wild flowers' nectar.
From our bees and our family to yours ... Enjoy!"

12.8oz jars